Ekagrata Campaigns

Child care for the under-privileged

Ekagrata believes in complete Child-care of the under-privileged - which includes good education & good health. We have a session every Sunday, which we call "Sunday School" wherein we have a set of students who although go to government schools but live in unhealthy environment in the slums of Ghatkopar with least encouragement towards their education.

The students go to school but the competencies are way below the standard level. Imagine a standard 8th kid not knowing two digit addition or a 5th standard kid not knowing any city except Mumbai. Well, they do not have the privileges of going to better schools.

The session every Sunday (3 hrs.) consists of Maths tutorials, English tutorials, some team building activities & games followed by snacks for the kids. We are also trying to have an all round development, for which drawing/painting, dance, craft sessions and competitions are held for those students. Imparting moral values is also taken care of through performance of some skits/plays (performed by the students). We also have a general knowledge session every month to make them aware of the world around them.

Motivation is all they need, for they are as brilliant as we are. Being educated ourselves we aspire them to be one like us. We strive to provide them with a positive environment for those few hours with us, to grow and flourish in life.

We plan to start the same at many other places and would love to get more support for the same.

Miscellaneous contributions

Ekagrata understands various other means to make a valuable contribution in the society and a positive effort in improving the life of the needy.

We have various campaigns like: -
"Vastra" - which means clothes; providing them to the needy. Most of us throw away our clothes after sometime, even when they are in a very good condition. We collect those, select good wearable clothes and provide it to the under-privileged. We carry out this campaign once in 6 months.
"Funaya" - means love; spreading it through visits various day care centres to provide resources like food & stationary or meet the inmates and spend a good time or involve in some activity an help spread some smiles.
"Jeevika" - means career; sharing work of Saraswati Foundation which provides finance to the bright yet needy individuals who desire to pursue higher studies after S.S.C. (std. 10th in India)

We currently have been spacing out time for such campaigns and working out on larger contributions from various other members of the society. Like we said, It is through "Volunteering" that one realises how much he/she can contribute to the under-privileged through various ways.


I will strive for the betterment of humanity in my neighbourhood.

I will spread smiles to every human; especially the under-privileged.

I will bring about a positive difference to my country and soceity.


Contact us for donation, membership, volunteering, resource help, invitation to an event etc. Let us know if any...

Address: Ghatkopar (Mumbai), India.
Telephone 1: +91-981990-6810
Telephone 2: +91-987040-5893
E-mail 1: connect@ekagrata.org
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