About Ekagrata


Ekagrata is a registered trust under the Bombay Trust Act working towards the development of the under-privileged as well as bringing about a positive difference to their lives. It is founded in the year 2010.

Ekagrata was developed out of the need to involve common man for the growth on the under-privileged. We believed that through inclusive assessment we can have better achievement. We conceive that our involvement in the betterment of our society does not come only by Donating, but by volunteering yourself for the cause too.
Education being the most important tool for bringing a balance in the society and also bring about a comprehensive growth, we as a team are trying to provide an environment required for quality education to those deprived of it. We all being educated, it indeed becomes our duty to share our knowledge & resources.


Back then in January 2010,
2 engineering students, who were in the process of being known as "well educated" individuals, & already pursuing their careers, understood the fact that EDUCATION is the most important means of building your own career.
2 chartered accountancy (C.A.) students, who were in the process of being known as "Financial wizards" & already handling numbers, understood the fact that FINANCE is not something which everyone has.
2 medical students, who were in the process of being called as "Life-savers & pain-killers" & already handling patients, understood the fact that good health helps in battling everything else in life.
Thus, with a team of we all comprehend together that you need good education – to maintain your good education you need good health – for both we need good finance. With a team of engineers, doctors, dentists, chartered accountants, designers & professors, we hope to provide the same.


Each one, Teach one

Each one of us to take up responsibility to teach & educate at least one child. Each one take few strides to help one child pursue his dreams; put efforts to achieve them.

Educate to Eradicate

Education is the primary method to eradicate most of th evils of soceity & thereby create a flourishing environment. Education is a powerful tool to infuse positivity & refuse negativity.

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I will strive for the betterment of humanity in my neighbourhood.

I will spread smiles to every human; especially the under-privileged.

I will bring about a positive difference to my country and soceity.


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Address: Ghatkopar (Mumbai), India.
Telephone 1: +91-981990-6810
Telephone 2: +91-987040-5893
E-mail 1: connect@ekagrata.org
E-mail 2: ekagrata.edu@gmail.com