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Some hours & some money

Growing STRONG,
and a growing BOND.
Every sunday to peek,
A SMILE every week.

Ekagrata is no more a social activity,
it has grown beyond, its a FAMILY !!

Donate in time,
Donate in money...

Become a Member,
Start your own activity.


I will strive for the betterment of humanity in my neighbourhood.

I will spread smiles to every human; especially the under-privileged.

I will bring about a positive difference to my country and soceity.


Contact us for donation, membership, volunteering, resource help, invitation to an event etc. Let us know if any...

Address: Ghatkopar (Mumbai), India.
Telephone 1: +91-981990-6810
Telephone 2: +91-987040-5893
E-mail 1:
E-mail 2: