We believe in comprehensive care of a child to secure a good future for them. Education is the primary requirement alongwith moral values. Good health, habits & habitat will enhance their life.


Most of us buy new clothes every year. Let us now provide our old clothes to those who have none. It will not cost you anything but give you blessings of GOD and it´s wonderful special people.

Billion HEARTS, one SOUL

Ekagrata is a registered society under Bombay Trust Act. Our mission is to work towards development of under-privileged children as well as working towards the enhancement of our education system which somewhere provides an inferior treatment to those who cannot afford good schools and higher fees.

We believe that by contributing few hours every week towards the positive development of those who are under-privileged will bring about a sea-change in our soceity and country. These few hours can help build someone´s life or shape someone´s future... but above all, it helps bring a SMILE on their face... It´s priceless !!

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23 October, 2011

Celebrated Diwali alongwith Diya Making Contest where in everyone painted diyas & sparkled.

02 October, 2011

We had a Garba session as part of the Navratri festival going on during this time in India.

14 August, 2011

A Group of Polytechnic students joined & we sang Indian National Anthem together with the kids.

We can !!


I will strive for the betterment of humanity in my neighbourhood.

I will spread smiles to every human; especially the under-privileged.

I will bring about a positive difference to my country and soceity.


Contact us for donation, membership, volunteering, resource help, invitation to an event etc. Let us know if any...

Address: Ghatkopar (Mumbai), India.
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